Top 10 Best Telugu Romance And Drama Movies List which was you like it

   Romance And Drama Movies 

            Today, we will talk about the best Telugu romantic movie, after watching the movie, your heart will melt and you will be relying on love, so do not be immortalized, i am joking but we will talk about Telugu Romantic Movie.

            I would like to ask you Some question but I will not ask Now i will ask last paragraph, and I will ask this question in Hindi, and this question is from the heart, and when you give it to me Answer with heart, I am intensively expressing your answer. You must answer this question.

Best Romantic And Drama Movie Of Telugu

Sammohanam  (2018)

Telugu Romantic movie

         this is a telgu drama and romantic movie which was released in 15 June 2018 the budget of this movie was not consider the owner of this movie and also earning of the box office not consider, 

       There are two lovers in this movie, because it is a romantic movie and the names of those lovers are Vijay and Sameer Vijay does not like to watch the movie because she feels that everything inside the movie is false.

          There are some shooting people coming to his house, to reng his house so that he can shoot the movie there, from here his love story begins, now I will not tell what happen in next, you see yourself in the movie

Chitralahari (2019)

Telugu Romantic movie

              It was Telugu's Romantic and Drama Movie which was released in 2019, director of this movie is Thirumala Kishore, it was liked by the audience, when you will see this movie, then you will understand that not so, so I have the opinion, Once you see this movie, then you will understand what is there in this movie that the audience liked it well,

              there Are 48 cast in this movie Which was released in 12 April 2019 And the duration of this movie was 2H 10Min and the Producers Of This Movie Was Y. Naveen, Y. Ravi Shankar, Mohan Cherukuri the language of this movie was available in Hindi, And Telgu  

Okk Kashanam (2017)

Telugu Romantic movie

               It is Telugu's Romantic and Sci Fi movie, which was Released  in India on 28 December 2017, the story of this movie begins with a garden, for the first time that boy and girl meet for the first time in that garden, and a At the same time, 

            both of them are in love with each other And the next story you see in the movie and if I tell you the love story of the whole movie then you will not be able to enjoy as good as you watch the movie So you have a message that you must watch this movie once

Nirmala Convent (2016)

Telugu Romantic movie

           The story of this movie is far different from what I told the story of the movie, the love story of this movie is above the richness and poverty, a boy who is the son of a farmer, and the girl is the girl of the landowner of that village, both of them The first meeting is held in a school, in the first meeting, they fight, and gradually this battle turns into friendship, 

           now what will happen next in this movie, when you see this movie then come only I will not understand now, I will not tell you, you see yourself this is a romantic movie of 2016 it was released in 16 September 2016 The Directer of this movie G. Naga Koteswara Rao And the Duration Of this movie Was 144 Minutes.

Sahasam Swasaga sagipo (2016)

Telugu Romantic movie

           I will not say anything about this movie, but it is so funny that when this movie was released two days after the movie got a good response from the public and it is the most fascinating romantic movie of 2016 This movie is romance And action In the love story of if there is no fighting the love story does not enjoy

          when you look at this movie, then you will understand what I want to tell this movie was released in 11 November 2016 the directer of this movie was Gautham Menon And the Produced By Miryala Rivender reddy And the duration Of this Movie Was 154 Minutes.

Vaisakham (2017)

Telugu Romantic movie

           More information about this movie is not available to me, and I do not know much about this movie, but the people says that is a best romantic movie, I do not have more information of this movie I have not seen this movie yet if you seen at this movie, then you must tell me how this movie is.

           This is a romantic and family movie of 2017 and it was released in 21 July 2017 in India the directer of this movie B. jaya and Producer by B.A Raju and the duration of this movie was 104 minutes

Malli Raava (2017)

Telugu Romantic movie

              Although this movie may not be as Famous like others love story movie but  it is the songs of this movie are still a hit all time And still people like to listen to the songs of this movie This movie is dependent on two lover Which are meet every time, but later he Split Every time because of doing something. 

           When you look at this movie, you yourself will be able to understand that why it is split in this movie every time, due to which reason, once see this movie and the director of this movie Gowtham tinnanuri and produced by Rahul Yadav Nakka it was relesed in 8 December 2017 The Duration Of This Movie Was 129 Minutes

Prematho mee karthik (2017) 

Telugu Romantic movie

            The boy who is in this movie lives nri, in which there is no emotion, he does not understand the meaning of love, What is love, he comes to India due to some reason, and he meets an Anjali name The girl is in love with that girl, 

           now you will look at the movie to know what happens in the movie. Only then will you get the help, otherwise you will not understand, so you see the movie then you will be understand this is a romantic And Drama Movie of 2017 the duration of this movie was 120 minutes 

Prema Entha (2017)

Telugu Romantic movie

           The boy named Jai was looking for a mathali speaking boy or girl when he meets a girl who can speak Maithili, the two are in love with each other, but in the midst of this love comes a lot of Problem, When you look at this movie, you will understand by yourself what is the problem between them,

           and why does the boy look for those who speak mathly, and how does love between them, This is a Thriller And Romantic Movie of 2017 The Directer Of this Movie  Goverdhan Gajjlala And it was released in 17 November 2017 In India The Duration Of This Movie Was 110 Minutes

Hyderabad Love Story (2018)

Telugu Romantic movie

          I will not say anything about this movie, but it is so funny that when this movie was released two days after the movie got a good response from the public and it is the most fascinating romantic movie of 2018 This movie is romance And drama In the love story 

         The Director Of This Movie Satya and it Was Released In 23 February 2018 In India This the Duration of this movie was 101 Minutes And I really don't know More information about this movie 

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