Top 60+ best Hollywood new and & old space and Planet Movies list

Hollywood space and planet movies list 

        Today we will talk about the Best Hollywood Space Movie and the planet Movie which you will rarely see this movie or some people from you may have seen it this movie.

         Hollywood movie seems like everyone whether Hollywood time travel movie or sci fi movie I've seen almost all of Hollywood movies.

         I like all the movies of Hollywood such as adventure movie and hacking movies and etc Hollywood movie i like the movie that I can't tell you in this article If I start to tell Abot movie then this article will be done only on me.

        You must tell me what you liked the movie of Hollywood, adventure movie, sci fi movie, drama movie, or comedy movie, i will eagerly wait for your comments.

        In this article I will not talk about some Hollywood space and planet movies because all that movie is already popular for space and planet movies and 90% of people will have seen this movie.

          If I talk about all these movies then you will not read my article thinking about what the movie has been watching what about knowing that movie And if you come in the 10% people who have not seen this movie then you must see this movie.

            Because this movie is one of the best movie of hollywood about space and planets movie you will be like very much this movies such as

(1) Guardians of the galaxy

(2) Guardians of the galaxy vol 2

(3) Interstellar

(4) Star trick beyond

(5) Star Wars ( Hollywood movie series)

(6) Gravity

(7) Moon

(8) The Martian

(9) Avatar

(10) Fantastic 4

(11) Arrival

(12) Avengers infinity war

(13) Avengers End-game

         And so the space and the planet Movie which you have seen and I can't name them in this list Please tell me your favorite hollywood space movie by commenting i will eagerly wait for your comment.

          I have already told you that some of these movies are not completely based on the planet and space, fantasy, comedy, action, and adventure are all mixes in this movie, and in this article, as much as I can try to tell you full information about movie.

Space and planet movie

Solaris (2002)

Hollywood space and planet movies

          It's a drama and mystery movie as well as a space and planet movie which was released in 2002 when you first time watch this movie you're confused a little bit because this is a mystery movie.

           In this movie a man is sent in space to get information about a planet the name of that planet is solaries all movie is based on that Planet only.

             The person gets a lot of information about that planet and space when you look at this movies then you yourself will understand what information I was talking about.

Green Lantern (2011)

Hollywood space and planet movies

            This is an action, adventure, and sci fi movie which was released in 2011 it is a movie of dc comics this movie is not completely based on space and Palanet But in this movie a little bit has been mention on space or planet.

           Green Lantern This is the name of the protector Who are not a one protector, but many defenders who protect our planet and another Palanet and space.

            There is a ring in the hands of those protectors there is nothing without the protector ring that power remains in the ring That ring choose master himself. 

            One day the spacecraft of a Green Lantern falls on the earth the person lives on the stress of dying before he dies gives his ring to a person living on earth But there are some rules of that ring, it does not come in the hands of anyone like this.

            Now why does the man give his ring to a man Why its spacecraft falls on the earth Why not fall on the other planet There will be a lot of questions going on in your mind when you look at the movie you will understand what is in movie.

            I will not tell much information about this movie if I tell you more about information this movie then you will not enjoy watching the movie.

Mars needs mom (2011)

Hollywood space and planet movies

         This is a Adventure and Animation Movie which was released in 2011 This movie is based on 80•/• Space and Palanet If your mother keeps order you daily and you angry with your mom then this movie has just for you.

        The alien takes the woman with her spacecraft and the child of the woman goes to the spacecraft to save her mother, and he doing  everything to save her mother.

          But when he goes above his planet he does not know where his mother and that alien why bring his mother to planet hi does not know.

          To protect his mother he faces lot of troubles and the boy gets some partner who help the boy to save his mother.

          Whether the boy will be able to save his mother or not will both of them be able to return home or not what partner does that boy find on the planet.

           There will be a lot of questions going on in your mind when you look at the movie and you will find the answer to all your questions you will surely like this movie.

Riddick (2013)

Hollywood space and planet movies

            This is a thriller and action movie which was released in 2013 but this is not a space movie but this is the one of the best planet movie believe me when you look at this movie you will be enjoying watching this movie.

           The man named riddick in this movie that lives on a planet from childhood But riddick did not like to live on that planet He had a desire to roam on the other planet.

           One day the riddick companion takes him to another planet and he try to kills him but he does not success to kill him. 

           There are no people on that planet The Palenet ara remains deserted there are only wild animals on that planet now how riddick lives on that planet and how he encounters those wild animals.

            Whether riddick will be able to go back to its planet or not such a lot of questions will be going on in your mind when you look at this Movie you will find the answers to all your questions.

           There are two parts of this movies both are based on the planet the second movie is called The Chronicle riddick you will also love it you will see the both of movie.

John Carter (2012)

Hollywood space and planet movies

             It is a fantasy and sci fi movie along with a planet movie which was released in 2012 a man who lives on earth and suddenly arrives at another Palanet. 

              Now how he comes to the other planet when you see the movie you will understand that he is a suspense that how he goes to another planet if I tell you then you will not enjoining watching this movie.

               He could fly on that planet none of the people on that planet could fly except that he helps some people on that planet he is loved by a girl on that palanet.

               When you watch this movie then you will able to understand well that what is iam telling about this movie when you watch this movie you will like this movie very much.

After Earth (2013)

Hollywood space and planet movies

        This is an action and adventure movie which was released in 2013 this movie is not entirely based on space and planet but if you prefer to watch adventure movie then you will love this movie.

        There is no people live on earth in this movie Because of the fatal disease on earth people have left the earth he now lives on another planet in space.

        One day some people go to space with their spacecraft but in the meantime meteorites collide on their spacecraft and their spacecraft becomes very trillion.

        They accidentally land on the earth but those who are traveling in spacecraft all are dead except for just 2 people one of the spacecraft  general and his boy who was on the journey with him.

         Bones of both feet of General break up because of which they can not walk they have only one way to escape that they should call someone from their planet for their help.

         But the device used to get help was in the rear portion of the spacecraft and the rear portion of that spacecraft was separated from the spacecraft during the crash.

         And the back part of that spacecraft is very far about 100 miles away And the general has sent his son to bring that device but the boy has to face many troubles in bringing that device.

        Will that boy reach the spacecraft or not and a lot of questions will be running in your mind when you look at this movie you will understand what trouble I was talking about.

Elysium (2013)

Hollywood space and planet movies

           It's a drama and sci fi movie as well as a space movie which was released in 2013 there are two types of people in this movie are lives one who is poor lives on earth which was the condition is Very bad.

            And those who are rich people live in Elysium, Elysium is a station built in space those rich people live in Elysium is a specialty that no one can die it when you see the movie you will understand

             A man who lives on the earth and he works in a company one day by mistake his body is full of iron he can die in less than an week.

             And the only way to save her Life he go to the Elysium he has a friend who sends the people to Elysium But wrongly now what is the wrong way You will understand when you watch a movie.

           But he has to face a lot of problems in going to Elysium will he reach Elysium, and will he survive How iron goes inside that manThere are so many questionswhen you see this movie, you will understand I can't understand you like this.

Pasengers (2016)

Hollywood space and planet movies

         This is a drama and thriller movie as well as a space movie which was released in 2016 the People like this movie very much It's a movie based on a sleeper spaceship which is a total of 258 people traveling in that spaceship and this journey is up to 120 year's.

          But due to the collision of the astroide to the spaceship is greatly damaged and the computer wakes up a man to repair this damage before 90 years ago he repair the spaceship.

          But how did she sleep in that spaceship again it does not know He has lived like this for one year watching television listening to songs and etc of daily routine work.

          But she is bored with this life, she thinks how she can spend 89 years alone in spaceship suddenly he looks girl that girl lives in the same spaceship she gets all the information about her.

         And he is awake in that girl so that he will spend the whole life with that girl in this movie there are many interesting thing, will be a lot of questions going on in your mind as if

         Will he spend his life together or not whether he is alive or not where it goes the spaceship and why he goes and why computer awake the one person why hee didn't awake another person.

      When you look at the movie you will find the answers to all your questions It may be that you do not like the last scene of movie but if you look at this movie with proper way you will understand what is in movie.

Other Hollywood space and planet movie list

    Old Hollywood space and planet movies list

(1) Forbidden planet (1956) 

(2) 2001 A space Odyssey (1968)

(3) Planet of the apes (1968)

(4) Alien (1979)

(5) The Right Stuff (1983)

(6) Aliens (1986)

(7) Spaceballs (1987)

(8) Predator (1987)

(9) Total recall (1990) 

(10) Starman (1994)

(11) Specimen (1996) 

(12) Independence Day (1996)

(13) Space jam (1996)

(14) Men in black (1997) Movie series 

(15) Lost in space (1998) 

(16) Contact (1997) 

(17) Gattaca (1997) 

(18) The fifth element (1997)

(19) Galaxy quest (1999)

(20) Aremageddon (1998)

New hollywood space and planet  movies list

(21) Signs (2002)

(22) Treasure planet (2002) 

(23) Sunshine (2007)

(24) Wall E (2008) Hollywood Animated Movie

(25) Knowing (2009) 

(26) Monster's vs alien (2009) (animated movie)

(27) Thor (2011)

(28) Prometheus (2012)

(29) Thor the dark world (2013)

(30) Star wars ( Movie series) (2015)

(31) Jupiter Ascending (2015) 

(32) A star wars story ( Movi series) (2016)

(33) Hidden figures (2016) 

(36) The 5th wave (2016)

(37) Thor Ragnarok (2017)

(38) Valerian the city of thousand planets (2017)

(39) Captain marvel (2019)