Top 10 Best Bollywood movies on computer hacking

Bollywood hacking movie 

        If you are a hacker or you like to be a hacker so today I have find some of the best Bollywood movie on computer hacking for you I hope you will like it.

        The hacking movie in Bollywood has not been released so Many if we compare Hollywood  then you will get many Hollywood hacking movies and they're will also have many types of hacking movies in Hollywood

         And if we talk about Tollywood then There are not many releases Hacking movie in Tollywood but the hacking movie is released it's all the best movie once you see Tollywood best hacking movie will surely be like the Tollywood hacking Movie

           today I am tell you about some of Bollywood old and a few new movies which means that all the movies of hacking have been released in Bollywood they are all about talking about the movie.

          I have already said that in Bollywood there is no such movie in Bollywood which is completely hacking movie I mean there is no other scene in it like action and romance, you will not find such a movie in Bollywood.

           You will also find action in Bollywood movies get romance and get hacking so let's talk about today topic on best Bollywood computer hacking movie

Bollywood Hacking Movie List

December 16 (2002)

best bollywood movie on computer hacking

          December 16 This is a Bollywood old hacking movie which is not a complete hacking movie but in the name of hacking you will find a lot to learn in this movie in this movie a small boy who has interesting in a computer That boy will be approximately 12 years in the movie.

           Or even more that boy had learned to hack the bank account in his childhood though he did not hack the bank account and this movie has also been told about some Hacking gadgets as well as the You will find information like spy camera and button camera, in the movie 

Om Jai Jagdish (2002) 

best bollywood movie on computer hacking

          This is also a movie from the old movie of Bollywood in this movie there are 3 Brother's whose name is om, jai and Jagdish this movie related on them Abhishek Bachchan whose name is jai in this movie.

           They have a lot of knowledge about computers he leaked online papers by hacking college servers for their friends later jay catching by cyber security officer. 

            Jak was not taken into prison but his elder brother Om fired him out of the house later he created security software for a company to prevent hacking.

A Wednesday (2008)

            People loved this movie very much and the response of the movie was very good in this movie you will find a lot to learn about hacking a old man who has threatened the phone by calling the police the police They try to trace the person call but he fails.

            Then the police officer try to catch that man with the help of cyber security forces but they also fail then they take the help of a hacker now the hacker catches that man or not see in the movie then you will understand better.

Prince (2010) 

Best bollywood movie on computer hacking

               Prince this movie is not entirely a hacking movie, but it is very good movie in this movie a coin which can erase the memory of mind too in a few seconds but the person whose brains memory have been erased only that He can live for a few days he will die later.

               And with the help of coins you can bring back the person Memory too and a lot of  more uses of this coin when you look at this movie you will understand what is in this movie.

              You already know that this movie is not a complete hacking movie this movie has a little bit of hacking information in this movie

Don 2 (2011)

Best bollywood movie on computer hacking

              Don 2 is Shahrukh Khan second movie of the Don series this movie is theft Shahrukh Khan plans to some steal but for this work he needs a hacker which is his camera and his system Can be able to hack so that they are easy of stealing them there

Players (2012)

Best bollywood movie on computer hacking

             Players are also a hacking movie in the hacking movie there are some thieves in this movie who make a plane to rob gold but they need a hacker to rob gold which is named Spider.

             He is the best hacker in that movie he hacks anything till today he has not been able to catch the police and not a cyber security.

              They need the hacker because he can hack the satellite for a few minutes so that he can steal gold from the moving train.

               And much more in this movie you will find information related to hacking and related to gadgets

Micky Virus (2013)

Best bollywood movie on computer hacking

            Micky Virus This is one of the best hacking movies that many hackers may know about this movie this is the best Bollywood movie of hacking which has a lot of information about this movie of hacking, a boy whose movie Inside the micky name.

            He has a lot of love for the computer, and he has a interesting in hacking he hacks the bank's bank account with the help of a pan drive later micky calls the police station and he Give some time. 

             To hack the computer in such a time now can hack the micky computer or not when you see this movie then you will know that you will definitely love this movie once you have see the movie you like it very much.

Happy New Year (2014) 

Best bollywood movie on computer hacking

               This movie will be seen by a lot of people it is also a hacking movie a boy with no more friends he is very much interested in hacking you will find a lot of information about hacking in this movie. 

               Like How does He hack the DJ track and the other play song how does he increase his vote by hacking the voting pull and how do he steal the Diamonds by hacking the camera when you see this movie You will understand better

Ghayal once again (2016)

        I have already said that this is not a hacking movie it is an action movie but when 4 students run away from fear of that villain, then the villain takes his detection and hacked all the camera to find out.

     Now the villain why does this and how does all this hacking when you look at this movie you will understand well.

Genius (2018)

Best bollywood movie on computer hacking

          This movie was released in 2018, is a drama and thriller movie although it is not entirely a hacking movie but hacking has been used in this movie in one place.

          Some hackers in this movie hack all data of CBI do not stop hackers from CBI hacking that data then a boy who is the hero of this movie a member of the CBI called him to hack that data Prevented from.

          Now how it stops their data when you look at this movie you will be able to understand it better it prevents the data from hacking through a code.