Telugu Computer Hacking movie 

         Today we will talk about some of the best Telugu hacking movie I can tell you in advance that in the Bollywood hacking movie and Telugu or Tollywood hacking movie does not have a complete hacking movie.

           My speaking means that there is a little romance in the movie there is a little action, you will not find any such movie in Tollywood or Bollywood inside a only hacking. 

            And nothing else in Tollywood you will be shown 90•/• Action and romance scene will show only 10•/• You will see hacking scene.

      When you look at the movie you will understand well what I am trying to say you

Telugu or Tollywood Hacking Movie List

International Hacker

Telugu Hacking Movies

       International Hacker This is one of the best hacking movies of tollywood which you will love this movie was released in 2018

      In this movie you will get a lot of information from hacking how a boy hacks some Corruption leader's bank account, And who have money in their bank account.

        He transfers all the money to the poor bank account and that too in just 2 minutes when you look at this movie you will understand it well even if I will speak to you, you will not understand well.

The Return of Abhimanyu

Telugu Hacking Movies

       The Return of Abhimanyu This movie was released in 2015. You can also watch this movie on YouTube this movie is also available on YouTube.

      This is not a complete hacking movie but the villain who lives in this movie is a hacker who keeps a watch on a cop hack cctv camera.

       No one has seen that hacker till today meaning no policeman has neither nor any police person holding it.

        He hacks the police computer and the server So that the police can not track it anywhere.

           Now how the villain hacks the police servers and what happens when you look at this movie all will you understand in this movie. you will get a lot of learning related to hacking.


Telugu Hacking Movies

         Seeing the name of this movie you might be wondering what is that name this movie is different name of this movie, like this movie is the different name in Malayalam, different name in Telugu, and different name in Hindi.

          This movie is available on YouTube if you want to watch this movie you can watch this movie on YouTube

            In this movie a man who is sitting in his car in front of the atm machine when a man gets money out of that atm and the one who puts the code of his atm.

           That all data goes to that boy computer and also comes the information how much money is there in his account and how much money he is extracting from that ATM

           Now how did that boy do all this and why did you understand when you see this movie

Intelligent Idiots

Telugu Hacking Movies

         Intelligent Idiots This movie does not have much hacking scenes, this movie was released in 2015 in this movie a boy who hacks a website for his friend.

         He hacks that website only within 1 minute now why he hacks that website and for what reason when you look at this movie you will understand better.

         I am already told that this movie is not a complete hacking movie it is a drama and action movie, hacking has been used in some places in this movie.

Mai hoon Surya Singham 3

Telugu Hacking Movies

       Mai hoon Surya Singham 3 It was released in 2017 the first and second  part of this movie was released, but in the last two movies Hacking has not been mentioned much as much as mentioned in Surya Singham 3.

      Let me tell you that the name of this movie is something else in Telugu and something else in Hindi, so that you do not have to be confused after seeing the other name of the movie later.

      In this movie, the police take help of a hacker so that he can catch the villain and the villain also cares to help the hacker to avoid the police,

       There will be a lot of information about hacking in this movie, such as find location and tracking the number and much more when you look at this movie you will better understand what I was trying to say.