Hollywood Romance and romantic movie list

       Today we are going to talk about Hollywood Best Romance Movies I have discovered the best Hollywood romance movies for you which I hope you will be like it.

       Let me tell you in advance that in Hollywood there is no romance movies which is based only on the romance movies and not based on any category.

       Meaning that the movie should not be action, not a drama, no comedy, no fantasy, and a movie of such category so far Hollywood has not been released such movies.

        If you have a romance movie you will also find another category movies I hope you understand what I am trying to explain.

        I can not give you details about the movie well enough Some of Google rules are that I can not break it such as not writing adult content in my article and Do not talk to about adult.

         that's why I have a humble request to you that I will tell you about the movies you will see the movie then you will understand it well.

         But I will definitely give some information about the movie so that you can understand the movie how is the movie and you should see or not.

          Well many romance movies have been released in Hollywood but I can not give information about the whole movie so as to any movie that is good and who is a popular movies, I will tell you about the movies.

          And later in the romance movie that will remain the movie I will tell you the name only but i do not give you details about those movies.

          If the article is long you will not even want to read and you will go from my website.

Notice: - Whatever movie i will tell you about romance it is not worth seeing with all the movie family you can see all of these movies in solo alone.

Hollywood Romantic Movies List

Malena (2000)

Hollywood romance movies list in hindi
Malena movie review (romance, adult And drama) 

       Malena This movie was released in 2000 It is a drama and romance movie in this movie a girl whose name is malena this movie based on that girl.

       Malena is married her husband work in the air force she lives with her father due to an accident her husband dies.

       That woman becomes a widow people see her with a dirty eyes how does that woman become a prostitute and how she faces those people when you look at the movie you will understand what I was trying to tell you.

         In this movie there is a lot of romance scenes which I did not tell you to do but if you want to watch adult and romance movies then definitely you will love this movie.

 Note: - This movie is not available in Hindi

The hours (2002)

Hollywood romance movies list in hindi
The hours movie review ( Drama and romantic )

         It is a drama and romance movie that was released in 2002 this movie is based on a woman who name is Virginia Woolf.

          In this movie the woman faces a lot of trouble now what is the trouble when you look at this movie you will understand.

          If you like to watch romance movie as well as an emotional movie then see this movie and if you do not like to watch the emotional movie then do not watch this movie.

 The Dreamers (2003)

Hollywood romance movies list in hindi
The dreamers movie review (Romance and adult movie) 

         It is a romantic and drama movie that was released in 2003 this movie is based on a navel book.

         This movie is based on two boys and one girl two boys who have sex with each other and later have sex with a girl and along with that when you see the movie you will understand well.

         If you just love romance movie then this movie is just for you this movie has a lot of romance scene if you look at this movie then watch alone.

Love Actually (2003)

Hollywood romance movies list in hindi
Love Actually movie review ( Drama, comedy, & Romantic) 

           It is a Hollywood drama and romantic movie released in 2003 it is a Hollywood movie series with many parts released.

           I will not say anything more about this movie But if you love romantic movies that too with comedy and drama movie then you definitely will see this movie you will love this movie.

Breakback Mountain (2005)

Hollywood romance movies list in hindi
Break back mountain movie review (romance & drama)

            It is a drama and romance movie which was released in 2005 this movie is based on a woman Ennis Del Mar One of which is already fiancĂ©.

           The person named Jack drinks more alcohol and he does sex with Ennis before Ennis understands that it is wrong.

            But after that he becomes convinced and she tells him that only once more what happens to that girl and what happens to her fiancee,

            When you watch this a movie you will understand that well this movie was a small scene which I told you There are many romance scenes in this movie.

           If you like to watch a romantic movie this movie is just for you this movie will surely love you.

The illusionest (2006)

Hollywood romance movies list in hindi
the Illusionist movie review ( romance and mystery )

         Thia ia a mystery and romantic movieof 2006 thia ia a one of the best romantic and mystery movie of 2006.

          If you watch the prestige movie then this movie understand well because the illusionest movie is similar to prestige when you watch this movie you understood well what I am trying to tell you.

         This movie ia available in hindi language you can download and watch this movie if you like it mystery and romantic movie, Otherwise you don't watch this movie.

The reader (2008)

Hollywood romance movies list in hindi
The Reader movie review ( drama & romantic )

          Thia is a drama and romantic movie it was released in 2008 I can't talk about more this movie but I try to talk about little bit more this movie.

         In this movie a boy and a girl do day-night sex in a room in this movie there is a lot of scenes besides sex which I can not talk to you well.

        My advice to you is that when you look at this movie you will understand all the scenes of the movies except you will not understand if you prefer romantic movies you must definitely watch this movie.

Biutiful (2010)

Hollywood romance movies list in hindi
Bountiful movie review (drama and romantic)

       This is a drama movie as well as a romance movie which was released in 2010 this movie is not entirely based on romance but it is definitely based on a little bit.

       I tell you this little bit about this movie, which will give you an idea of ​​this movie a woman whose two children live before marriage too.

       Now how are the children before the marriage of the woman when you watch a movie you will understand that I can not explain you as good as you would understand by watching the movie.

Crazy stupid love (2011)

Hollywood romance movies list in hindi
Crazy stupid love movie review ( Comedy & romantic )

       This is a comedy and romantic movie that was released in 2011 I can not talk to you about this movie.

        This movie is based entirely on romance Means 70•/• Romance and the rest 30•/• Drama And comedy.

         If you look at this movie you will understand that well I was not talking about this movie.

The Fault in our stars (2014)

Hollywood romance movies list in hindi
The Fault in our stars movie review (drama, comedy and Romance ) 

        It is a drama comedy and romance movie, which was released in 2014 it is a Best Hollywood romantic movie.

        How a boy loves a girl despite the poor condition of that girl when you look at the movie you will understand.

       Of what condition I am talking about surely you see this movie if you like a romantic movies then you will surely love this movie.

Hollywood Adult And Romance Movies List

       Although Hollywood has many romance and adult movie has releases some romance movies have not been released in Hindi.

       Because all those movies are sex scene in the movie and all those sex scene are not alloud in India in movie due to which all those movies were not dubbed in Hindi.

       If you want to watch Hollywood Adult Movie you will watch in English that the movie is not released in Hindi.

Note: - I will tell you some Hollywood romance and Adult Movie but i will not give you more information about those movies.

      Some movies will be available in Hindi and in some movie are also available in English and in many languages.

Hollywood romance and 18+ movies list

  • I spilt on your grave (1978) Hindi dubbed (1978)
  • The key (1983)
  • Sixteen candles (1984) 
  • Mischief (1985) 
  • What every frenchwoman want (1986) 
  • Lady of the night (1986)
  • Some kind of wonderful (1987)
  • Ghost (1990)
  • Colour of night (1992) 
  • Basic instinct (1992)
  • Sommersby (1993) 
  • When Night is falling (1995) 
  • The nine months (1995) 
  • The Story of O (1995) 
  • If Lucy fell (1996) 
  • Frivolous lola (1998) 
  • Romance (1999)
  • Never been kissed (1999) 
  • Chocolate (2000) 
  • What women want (2000)
  • Sex and lucia (2001)
  • The center of the world (2001) 
  • Baran (2001) 
  • Intimacy (2001) 
  • Amelie (2001) 
  • Jan dara (2001) 
  • The piano Teacher (2001) 
  • The pornographer (2001)
  • Intimacy (2001) 
  • Original sin (2001) 
  • Someone like you (2001) 
  • Talk to her (2002) 
  • Killing me softly (2002) 
  • Sweet home Alabama (2002) 
  • Two weeks notice (2002) 
  • A Walk in remember (2002) 
  • Unfaithful (2002) 
  • Unfaithful (2002)
  • Private gold 53 center of sex (2002) 
  • Sweet sex and love (2003)
  • Three colours red (2003) 
  • The principal of lust (2003) 
  • Private (2003)
  • Just married (2003) 
  • How to lose a guy in 10 Days (2003) 
  • A very long engagement (2004)
  • The terminal (2004) 
  • Before sunset (2004) 
  • The notebook (2004) 
  • Chasing Liberty (2004) 
  • Spanglish (2004) 
  • Antares (2004) 
  • First daughter (2004) 
  • The Japanese wife next door (2004) 
  • Trilogy the weeping Meadow (2004) 
  • Head on (2004) 
  • Match point (2005) 
  • Pride And prejudice (2005) 
  • Angle A (2005) 
  • The Wedding Date (2005) 
  • The family stone (2005) 
  • In her shoes (2005)
  • Li with me (2005) Hindi Dubbed 
  • Little children (2006) 
  • Cashback (2006) 
  • Shortbus (2006)
  • The breakup (2006)
  • The lake house (2006) 
  • John Tucker must die (2006) 
  • Scary (2006) Movie series Hindi Dubbed 
  • The heartbreak kid (2007)
  • P.S I love you (2007)
  • Knocked up (2007) 
  • Atonement (2007) 
  • Oil on water (2007) 
  • Waitress (2007) 
  • Pirates ll stagnetti's revenge (2008) 
  • A ladventure (2008) 
  • The house bunny (2008) 
  • Vicky Cristina Bercelona (2008) 
  • Zack and miri make a porno (2008) 
  • Sex in the city (2008) 
  • Dresses (2008) 
  • Keith (2008) 
  • Don't look down (2008)
  • Dairy of a nymphomaniacs (2008) 
  • The curious case of benjamin button (2008) 
  • Mr Nobady (2009) 
  • 500 days of summer (2009) 
  • The Secret in their eyes (2009) 
  • I hate Valentine's day (2009) 
  • Brothers (2009)
  • The proposal (2009) 
  • Scrubs A XXX Parody (2009) 
  • Wuthering Heights (2009)
  • Up in the air (2009)
  • Blue valentine (2010) 
  • Charlie St. Cloud (2010) 
  • Easy A (2010) 
  • Big bang theory A XXX Parody (2010) 
  • Leap year (2010) 
  • The last song (2010) 
  • Daydream nation (2010) 
  • Flipped (2010) 
  • Room in room (2010) 
  • Life we know it (2010) 
  • The backup plan (2010) 
  • Come undone (2010)
  • Dear John (2010) 
  • When in room (2010)
  • Sex in the city 2 (2010) 
  • The artist (2011)
  • Just go with it (2011) 
  • Water for elephants (2011) 
  • Something Borrowed (2011) 
  • Jane Eyre (2011) 
  • Nobody else but you (2011) 
  • Midnight in paris (2011) 
  • 3 D Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy (2011) 
  • What's your number (2011) 
  • Sleeping beauty (2011) 
  • Reel love (2011) 
  • Dorfman in love (2011) 
  • Beastly (2011) 
  • Q (2011) 
  • Silver linings playbook (2012) 
  • Amour (2012) 
  • The vow (2012)
  • Celebrity sex tape (2012) 
  • Upside down (2012) 
  • The lucky one (2012) 
  • The words (2012) 
  • Pitch perfect (2012) 
  • Lol (2012) 
  • Playing for keeps (2012) 
  • Blue lagoon the awakening (2012) 
  • Awaken (2012) 
  • Liz & dick (2012) 
  • Pleasue or pain (2013)
  • Safe haven (2013) 
  • The remember sunday (2013) 
  • Warm bodies (2013) 
  • Clearks xxx A porn Parody (2013) 
  • One small hitch (2013) 
  • Blue is the warmest colour (2013) 
  • The spectacular now (2013) 
  • Before midnight (2013) 
  • Don jon (2013)
  • The immigrant (2013) 
  • Love rosie (2014) 
  • Petals on the wind (2014) 
  • The other women (2014) 
  • The theory of everything (2014) 
  • In your eye's (2014)
  • Two night stand (2014) 
  • Laggies (2014) 
  • Again school Girl ( 2014 ) Hindi Dubbed
  • The Duff (2015)  
  • A Royal night out (2015)
  • Atashira (2017) Hindi Dubbed 
  • A star is born (2018)
  • After porns ends (2018) Hindi dubbed
  • Church sister (2018)